Company Introduction         

      Qiqihar Black Dragon skates Co., Ltd., founded in July 2012, is established from the restructuring of the original Qiqihar Black Dragon Sports Equipment Plant.

 Qiqihar Black Dragon Sports Equipment plant is developing from the core enterprise Qiqihar Skate Industry Co., Ltd. of the original Black dragon group Corporation, and is an important part of the Heilongjiang Black dragon Co., Ltd. (stock code of 600187). The predecessor of Black dragon Corporation is Qiqihar Ice Skate Blade plant which dates back to September 21, 1951 and started to manufacture the ice skate blades in 1954. The plant is the world first comprehensive ice sports equipment manufacturer and the only national designated plant for manufacturing the ice skate blades and ice shoes. The plant is entrusted by State Bureau of Technical Supervision and Light Industry Association to formulate the technical standard of Chinese ice sports equipment and bear the responsibility of managing the domestic centralized technology of ice sports equipment standards of International Organization for Standardization.

 Black dragon skates passed the German TUV Rhineland company of the product quality certification in 1994; and passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification of China’s Quality Certification Center in 2003.

 Black dragon skates , which is the national reputed trademark and world brand-name product and has exported to more than twenty nations and regions such as Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Canada, U.S., Taiwan, Hongkong, has once owned the national quality gold medal.

 Qiqihar Black Dragon Skates Co., Ltd. inherit the “Black dragon” brand. At present, the Black dragon skates are divided into three series, 25 varieties and 106 specifications, making up with high, middle and low level speed skating blade shoes, figure blade shoes and ice hockey blade shoes. The company insists to take “ best Black dragon brand, refine the Black dragon products, extend the Black dragon industry, invigorate the Black dragon markets and strong the Black dragon company” as the developing target of the enterprise, and while strengthening the leading ice skate blade products, the company continues to extend the industrial chain and makes efforts to be an integrated industry group which products ice skate blades, skis,clothes and auxiliary tools of ice production, making the national brand of “Black dragon” going to the world

     Qiqihar Black Dragon Skates Co., Ltd. always adheres to the management principle of “honest, pragmatic, efficient and innovative” and welcome the friend domestic and abroad to visit and cooperate with us .

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